➢ Viatge a Estrasborg … Classa de 3ena (del 11 al 17 de mai 2022)

Al cor d'Euròpa!

Brexit, COVID, heatwave, war, dentist’s appointment… All I hear are excuses ! And as some guy once said :
« The weak makes excuses, the strong makes changes. » And everybody here knows that Maria is strong.
Superstrong. She likes to make changes. This is why, 3 years after the last outing, our class of « 3enas » finally
went on a school trip !
Subsequently, our « enlightened leader » swiftly prepared us an exciting week in Strasbourg, capital of Europe,
no less.
A crew of 20 (17 young sailors and 3 experienced captains) took the plane (not without threats and thrill !)
from Toulouse, heading North East as far as we could do without touching a border.
Then, a wonderful week took place. Everybody had a lot of fun and forged some great group memories. The
highlights of the week should include an inside look at the European Parliament, a birthday party, a world
famous cathedral and its astronomical clock, a fantastic youth hostel, a quick visit across the border and
across the Rhine river, a table football table, daily chips, a tour of the European Council, riverside and park
lunches, a lot of sunshine, cool museums, a visit to the pub and thousands of smiles !
Well, in a nutshell, I would like to quote this early 2000’s British IndieRock Band called The Rakes, who
said (repeatedly): « We meet in Strasbourg, In Strasbourg. Dann sind wir Helden. We meet in
Strasbourg ». (music video here https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=auHdkx9ICow)
That was a truly lovely trip, thank you Maria, thank you Sandrine, thank you to every single student from
this funky class. I’ll remember this, I’ll remember you.                 

Aurélien, 202206 .

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